posts from June 2003

paging mr. o’tine… nick o’tine…

Trying to quit smoking again, as of this morning. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Urge to kill… rising… It really could’ve been worse; I kept real busy at work today and made a (somewhat) triumphant return to the health club this evening. The distraction and the exercise definitely help.

pick it like yer nose, baby

I’ve got a sore throat and shredded fingertips this morning, but it was worth it: went to a pickin’ party in Hyde Park last night for my local bluegrass hero (happy birthday Mike). Played a lot of bass, a few really nice guitars, and really freaked out over our host’s amazing Gilchrist A-style mandolin. Could […]

blah blah blah

Paging my motivation… paging my motivation… I’ve got a nice long list of chores to do, and I’ve made some headway, but every now and then the webobsession just creeps in. I spent the last hour or two setting up and just the way I like ’em. The Lazy Fingers pages and mp3s […]

yesiree we sure did rock

The Ty Hager gig went great. Not that we brought in a ton of people, because we sure didn’t, but we actually played well. Not that we haven’t played well before, but tonight things were clicking in a way they hadn’t at the last few shows. Damn, that’s gratifying. It reminded me why I play […]

nothing to see here, move along

Finally finished a freelance project that had been keeping me real busy – about a week’s worth of ten-hour days. I suppose I did a pretty good job. Tonight, I’ve got another gig with Ty Hager, the first in what will be a weekly engagement at the Hideout on Congress Ave. This weekend? Working on […]

and thus it begins

Off we go, into the wild blog yonder. It’s taken me a while to set this up, so any thoughts that might have been recorded tonight are long gone. Blogger archiving templates seem to be broken. We’ll set that up whenever that’s working again, I suppose.