posts from March 2006

staggeringly awesome solo guitar performance of The Simpsons theme

Thanks to the juicy goodness of YouTube, I’m thrilled to share with you this astounding performance of a timeless Danny Elfman composition: Someone needs to give this guy a medal, a hug, and a frosty chocolate milkshake. Update: my buddy Karl reminded me that as long as I’m posting so much Simpsons stuff lately, I […]

introducting: the cheris blog

Yep. They said it would never happen. Even she said it would never happen. It’s happened. Cool.

support Parkinson’s research!

My dear old pal Michele is putting one foot in front of the other this year in the Parkinson’s Unity Walk, an annual two-mile stroll through Manhattan’s Central Park to raise awareness and funds for research to cure Parkinson’s disease. If you’d like to give some money to a worthy cause today, visit Michele’s fundraising […]

super-cool googly-eyed octopus kite

Hey, friends and family who like to see our photos once in a while! You know we’ve kept a lot of our pictures on Yahoo Photos for a while now (and Cheris added some more just the other day), but I should point out that for a while now we’re also now keeping many of […]

live-action Simpsons theme

Wow, wow, wow. For anyone who’s spent much time in Springfield, USA, this is a must-see.