posts from April 2004

more CW = happy RL

The quietly brilliant, usually overlooked career of Chris Whitley continues with two new releases, one an album of new material and one a collection of songs from his first three albums treated to the stripped-down approach he took on his Dirt Floor record. Highly recommended.

filmmaking & patriotism

Bunker wrote a post this morning linking to this NY Times article about Sony Pictures buying the rights to make a movie out of Richard Clarke’s controversial book Against All Enemies. Bunker states that: This might be the major Democratic effort to unseat Bush in November. I was fascinated by where this whole development could […]


Been away from the blog for awhile, but the past few weeks have been productive. Among other things, I’ve… Laid out my travel plans for CK’s wedding in Rhode Island next month; painted our shutters a nice burgundy color to replace the hideous baby blue that they were; helped the brother-in-law to move into a […]