posts from January 2004

nice! a niece!

Congratulations to my brother and sister-in-law, who had their second kid yesterday at 4:34 a.m. — a 6 lb. 10oz baby girl named Michelle Katherine! The wife and I are pleased as punch to be an aunt & uncle again.

the Iowa Loss Loop

Weather sucks today; can’t go play golf. Zed sent an mp3 of that Iowa concession speech yesterday. Figured I’d mess around with it.

“the scream”

I was just about to write that for millions of Americans, the title of this post no longer references a classic painting by Edvard Munch, but rather a bizarre and unsettling Howard Dean moment in the 2004 Democratic campaign. But it seems that Reuters already wrote that. And probably a few hundred others. I guess […]

smelling like a Rose

When the news broke recently that Pete Rose was fessing up, I was eager to defend him as someone with a serious problem who really couldn’t control himself. Then his former teammate Joe Morgan made some points that caused me to reconsider. The timing of Rose’s admission and book release — same week as the […]

delay the foray into the final frontier

Space exploration is so, so cool. How could anyone deny that? You’ve seen some of this month’s new photos from Mars, right? Simply amazing. However, at this particular time in history, space exploration is… just… oh, you’re gonna hate me for saying this, but screw it… space exploration is simply wrong. What this country needs […]

just a few thoughts brought home from Jimmy Clay municipal golf course

I had a really interesting round yesterday at my home course. I got paired up with the Assistant Dean of Students from Texas State University, San Marcos and two juniors from Crockett High School here in Austin. The Assistant Dean (nickname: Lem) was a fairly new player and high handicapper (not as bad as me, […]