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hippity, hoppity, Easter’s on its way

Goopymart is an illustrator I’ve been watching (via Flickr) since I saw the killer logo he did for Austin’s own A Boy and His Computer a couple of years ago. He has talent in places that most of us don’t even have places. Here’s an instant classic:

picture this

I’m really, really getting to love Google Video. Here’s a little gem I just found: a very skillful home-brewed version of a TV spot from that cool HP digital photography & printing campaign. Update: and who in their right minds wouldn’t love Matrix Ping Pong?

cracks in the pavement

It’s really hard to write the next post after something terribly sad happens, but today is a particularly good day to do it, I suppose, since it marks the two-year anniversary of the blog here at greasy elbow. Of course, it was a plain old “personal website” for quite a while before that, but it’s […]

“the scream”

I was just about to write that for millions of Americans, the title of this post no longer references a classic painting by Edvard Munch, but rather a bizarre and unsettling Howard Dean moment in the 2004 Democratic campaign. But it seems that Reuters already wrote that. And probably a few hundred others. I guess […]