posts from May 2005

the movie chain

Bunker obliged me with the musical baton meme I passed him recently, and now he’s hit me back with a movie chain. Fair enough! Total number of films I own on DVD/video: Less than 20, all of them gifts or hand-me-downs. Never been big on owning films. The last film I bought: See above. I […]

musical baton

Keith passed me this musical-baton meme that’s been going around… I’m game: Total volume of music files on my computer: 6.4 GB. Bringing discs in from the living room very slowly; not really buying anything online but the occasional must-have standalone track. The last CD I bought: Calexico, Feast of Wire. Actually, my amazing wife […]

whole bunch of new photos

Lots of new pictures have made it up to our Yahoo Photos site recently: 2005.03-04-05 (from CJL’s camera): as you might guess from the title, pictures from Cheris’ camera including Uncle Tom & Aunt Regina’s Easter Sunday visit (think good safe thoughts for Tom, who’s back in Afghanistan) and Dave & Michele’s visit. 2005.04-05 more […]