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driving the point home

Just finished reading “Forgetting Again” on Jeremy Keith’s blog. It turns out that while people are fond of saying “the Internet never forgets,” it’s more accurate to say that it rarely remembers. Jeremy reminds us often that publishing our thoughts and photos on services that probably won’t be around forever is a dangerous business, and […]

Aaron Swartz

Just caught up on the Aaron Swartz story. Very sad news. It’s especially sad to me that this has happened in the same week as Alex Jones’ widely-linked, totally unhinged “tyrannical government” 2nd-Amendment argument on that show. It just underscores that, to me, the only REAL protections from so-called tyrannical government are computers… and hacktivists […]

more thoughts on the self+crowdfunding era

There’s a really interesting discussion going on, sparked by Amanda Palmer’s smashing of a significant milestone on Kickstarter in May. I was drawn in by Austin Kleon’s response to a New York Times article about the whole thing. Go read that in another tab. I’ll wait. Then Scholl responded, via Tumblr, with a clarification: he […]

mini-project: typeaheadtoggle

Tonight I got my motivation up to build a very simple Firefox extension that I’ve been wanting for a while. It’s all explained over here on its own page:

hullo, what’s this?

Just checking out the QuickPress feature in WordPress 2.7. This might actually get me to write a quick thought down now and then, if it wasn’t for Twitter and Facebook.

we tweet, therefore we are

I’m snipping this and posting it here just so I have a place to refer people when they ask, as they sometimes do, what the hell the appeal is of Twitter (for me, at least). This nails it: Twitter is a social network, yes, but it’s a social network without the superpoke scrabtaculous zombie noise […]