posts from March 2005

stones from the sky

We got some hail last Saturday here in South Austin; the stones were around the size of a superball — you know, those little super-bouncy deals you get for a quarter out of the grocery store gumball machines. Check out some fairly crappy video I shot (bear with me; I just got the camcorder and […]

biz site & email down

Our business site at is down for a little while, as well as email for that domain. I decided to move the domain to a new registrar & host, and the old host decided to punish me for leaving their service by shutting down my account entirely instead of waiting for the domain registration […]

not your standard boilerplate

Didn’t get that job you wanted? Send a rejection rejection letter.

more Violet pics!

I’ve added two new galleries over at my Yahoo! Photos site: Violet 03, a set of 9 of our favorite pictures of the kid from February and early March; and Lifford grandparents’ visit, a 15-picture collection for which the name is pretty much self-explanatory…