stones from the sky

We got some hail last Saturday here in South Austin; the stones were around the size of a superball — you know, those little super-bouncy deals you get for a quarter out of the grocery store gumball machines. Check out some fairly crappy video I shot (bear with me; I just got the camcorder and started messing with iMovie that same weekend):

hail falling in front of our house in South Austin on 3/19/05

Looks like most of SXSWi folks just missed out on some good old fashioned Texas hail, but that’s OK — the stones were bigger last time anyway.

folks before you had this to say:

  1. Auntie Grams

    I guess everything is bigger in Texas. I heard that y’all are down to wearing 2 gallon hats due to the price of gas. At least you will never run out of ice!

  2. Luscious Santa

    Wahh…I’m from Texas…twice a year ice falls from the sky…wahhh! Back here in God’s country (that’s New York City, y’all) we get 15 months of winter broken up by 2 months of sweltering humid heat. Poor Texas, every once in while you have to cook your delicious ribs indoors.

  3. Mike

    At least you didn’t get the big stuff I heard about. And they got snow in the Metroplex!

  4. Rob

    Nope, I’m editing on a PowerMac G3 400 MHz… you would think it would be way too slow to work with video, but it’s got 768MB of RAM and it does pretty well.

  5. Brent

    Man, you’re gonna be the next "Martin Scorceez"!

    Are you editing on a lap- top? Mine shuts down when I try to do anything heavy (Editing, recording, etc.)

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