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one for the highlight reel

Sent this by e-mail to Bunker earlier but decided it might as well be posted too: Went out to play a cheap 9-hole sunset round last night at Hancock after work yesterday. I’m hacking away as usual for most of the round but having fun with a pretty cool foursome of straggler singles like me. […]

short game

Can anyone tell me why it is that the better I hit the ball in practice, the more I’ll stink it up on the course? Is this a simple extension of Murphy’s Law? A few weeks ago, I bought a shag bag and went out to the practice green at Jimmy Clay a few times. […]


Been away from the blog for awhile, but the past few weeks have been productive. Among other things, I’ve… Laid out my travel plans for CK’s wedding in Rhode Island next month; painted our shutters a nice burgundy color to replace the hideous baby blue that they were; helped the brother-in-law to move into a […]

the other kind of golf

Well, it took a while, but I’m finally hip to a big Austin pastime: disc golf. It takes less time to play a round than real golf, it costs next to nothing, and it’s much easier to bring in a score that doesn’t make you absolutely furious. There are plenty of places to play around […]

just a few thoughts brought home from Jimmy Clay municipal golf course

I had a really interesting round yesterday at my home course. I got paired up with the Assistant Dean of Students from Texas State University, San Marcos and two juniors from Crockett High School here in Austin. The Assistant Dean (nickname: Lem) was a fairly new player and high handicapper (not as bad as me, […]

from the Nimbus 2000 to… the sand wedge

Finished Goblet of Fire a few days ago. A big fat bravo to J.K. Rowling; what an imagination that lady has. Can’t wait to read book five. Now, in a shocking change of pace, I’ve moved on to Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible. “Thou shalt not neglect thy wedges, chips, and bunker shots,” I suppose.