posts from March 2004

calling all CSS geeks

Getting close to completing a pretty solid new source-ordered 3-column layout. There’s just one little (OK, big) IE5/mac issue to iron out. If you can help with that, please do — I’m too sleepy to keep messing around with it.

wait… you said free t-shirts AND free beer?!?

Well, I’ve just got to check this out.

daddy loves froggy… froggy love daddy?

Never mind the title (just random spewage from a movie). Managed to go to a SXSW kickoff party at Frog Design, following a Web Standards Meetup. Met lots of influencial and ridiculously talented folks like Eric Meyer, Dave Shea, Douglas Bowman, Tantek Çelik, and more. The only other thing I could’ve asked for would’ve been […]

festivals schmestivals (bah humbug)

South by Soutwest film and interactive festivals kick off today. Music gets started next Wednesday. I’m sad to say I barely even know what’s on the schedule this year; either I’m working too hard or my hipness quotient took a sudden, steep dive when I hit thirty. I’m also, for the first time since we […]

8 minutes in the life of a total dweeb

Here’s how I’ve spent (some of) my time this evening: 8:49 pm Going through a pile of stuff on my desk, notice a note that I jotted down in the Portland airport last Monday. It was the title and author of a book I spotted in the airport bookstore that I knew I had to […]

why things break

I’ve contributed a guest post on Bunker Mulligan. It’s a book report. [update: link removed; destination has vanished]