posts from August 2005

like, totally random

Finally decided out what to do with the homepage of the site.

buy stuff

We had a garage sale last weekend. It was really nice to cut back on clutter and acquire some cash in the process, but our garage was such a densely-packed maze of stuff before we started setting things out on the driveway that we actually forgot to set out a few items that we’d planned […]

Biker Lawyers

Bumper sticker spotted in the neighborhood on this evening’s stroll:

more pics of the dotlet

In case the title needs explainin’… dotlet = daughter in the family vernacular. Anyhow, there’s new Violety goodness in our Yahoo! Photos account: Added more photos to the June/July album I started a few weeks ago. Seems I’d forgotten all of June. Ahem. Started an August 2005 album too. Here’s a teaser, a result of […]

relaunched. again.

Well, moving to a new system was too much temptation: I had to redesign as well. I still haven’t decided what the front page is going to be, and I still need to assign categories to most of the blog posts and redirect old some URLs & the old feed, but the blog now lives […]

new platform

Time for a change. Last night I installed WordPress here on greasy elbow, exported all my posts from Blogger, and imported all my comments from BlogBack. I was amazed at how easy the entire process was, especially considering that BlogBack is not the most widely-deployed 3rd party comment system… the whole thing worked out so […]