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Time for a change. Last night I installed WordPress here on greasy elbow, exported all my posts from Blogger, and imported all my comments from BlogBack. I was amazed at how easy the entire process was, especially considering that BlogBack is not the most widely-deployed 3rd party comment system… the whole thing worked out so well because BlogBack allowed me to export my comments in an open XML format called Comment Archive and Interchange Format (CAIF), which in turn allowed me to get the comments into WordPress using a script that was created for importing Haloscan comments. Hooray for open formats.

folks before you had this to say:

  1. justin

    glad the import script worked for you!

  2. blog @ greasy elbow » archived posts » relaunched. again.

    […] Well, moving to a new system was too much temptation: I had to redesign as well. I still haven’t decided what the front page is going to be, and I still need to assign categories to most of the blog posts and redirect old some URLs & the old feed, but the blog now lives at — dive on in. […]

  3. Regina

    HOWDY! Welcome back. I like the new color scheme.

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