posts from December 2003

let the buyer beware

If you like the idea of combining your DVD player with an audio CD changer, think again. A little research last weekend revealed that despite a wide range of offerings in DVD/CD changers from heavyweights like Sony, Philips, etc., not a single one of them includes the one feature that makes owing a changer desirable […]

ahhh that’s better (or, Warning: blogging may be habit forming)

A minor issue with my web host has just been resolved that had been in effect since early Tuesday; I couldn’t upload files or post new blog entries. It’s a little creepy that even though I had nothing to post, I was kind of disturbed that I couldn’t. Hope everyone had a holly-jolly Christmas. Even […]

the heck with the spare tire; break out the booze instead

Here’s a great idea, as reported on (hot damn, I love that domain name, too)… free tow somewhere 2003-12-22 But not just anywhere… Down in Tacoma/Pierce County, some of the tow companies have banded together to provide an anti-drinking & driving service where they will tow your car for up to 10 miles free […]

chasing ambulances (and unattainable nominations)

Just watched 60 Minutes while chomping on Sunday dinner, and the show gave an extended profile to Democratic hopeful John Edwards. Cheris thought he was creepy, but he really didn’t bother me at all… until it came up that one of the “great successes” of his legal career was winning a lawsuit with a settlement […]

zzzzzzzzzzzzzang redesign

So sleepy. Threw our first Austin party last night; didn’t get a whole lot of sleep. I certainly hope a good time was had by all, because I sure as heck did. Oh, and I haven’t posted much of anything for a while because, among other things, I’ve been fooling around with a redesign for […]

the amazing Church Sign Generator

This is the coolest online toy I’ve seen in a long time.