let the buyer beware

If you like the idea of combining your DVD player with an audio CD changer, think again. A little research last weekend revealed that despite a wide range of offerings in DVD/CD changers from heavyweights like Sony, Philips, etc., not a single one of them includes the one feature that makes owing a changer desirable in the first place: shuffle play. Why the hell is this? Do people really need to sit down and watch five movies in a row without getting up? (Well, sure, I know some of us do, but are there many more like that?) Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Changing subject entirely, I’d like to offer our apologies to Jack, Mr. Mulligan‘s fantastic dog, for his potentially traumatic run-in with my cat Pearl. She was just a little uptight about defending her turf, Jack, and hasn’t had much experience with you canine types. Sorry.

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