posts from January 2005

feeling charitable?

Hey, I know everyone’s all tapped out on charity after making their tsunami relief contributions, but if you can spare an extra buck or two, please consider supporting my team in a bowl-a-thon for Big Brothers Big Sisters. I’ll be participating in this event on 25 February with some great co-workers. There’s a secure online […]

do not adjust your monitor…

Well, I’ve redesigned again; it had been a while. The goal was just to make everything cleaner and simpler. For instance, I’ve removed links to the Korean sites from the main nav since nobody was clicking on them (though those pages still see surprising traffic coming in from Google). I’ve finally added an about page […]

counting down…

Holy smokes, check out the amazing quilt our friends made for the baby! Leah, Reba, Leti, Shannon, Merritt, Melissa & Taylor, Chris & Kristen, Eric & Jessi, Dave & Michele, John & Kristie: you people are the greatest. Cheris literally cried with joy when she saw their beautiful work (which I must confess I knew […]

contest closing at noon today

The baby guessing contest will close at noon (central time) today, so get those final votes in. Geek that I am, I’ll probably post a spreadsheet in the next few days so you can see the field, average weight, etc. Last I checked we were very close to an exact 50/50 split with guesses as […]

guess that baby!

Today family and friends are throwing Cheris a baby shower, and although it’s a girls-only event, I decided to get in on the fun by posting the baby-guessing contest that we’ve discussed recently. Your job: leave a comment in the comments section guessing the following: the sex of the baby the date of birth the […]

Happy New Year

Well, it’s impossible to forget that 2004 ended tragically for India, Sri Lanka, and so much of southeast Asia, but it helps to remember that tragedies also bring out the best in humankind. Let’s hope that the generosity of people’s money, time, and ingenuity (flowing through the usual relief agencies and projects such as BlogAid, […]