do not adjust your monitor…

Well, I’ve redesigned again; it had been a while. The goal was just to make everything cleaner and simpler. For instance, I’ve removed links to the Korean sites from the main nav since nobody was clicking on them (though those pages still see surprising traffic coming in from Google).

I’ve finally added an about page and a contact form, two things that had been sorely lacking for some time. Thought those would be especially necessary now that I’m drawing some extra traffic since Bunker — who just keeps building more and more sites! — added me to his Texas Bloggers homepage.

That’s all I’ll say about it for now, though, because I’d rather not detract attention from more important stuff (namely, the previous post). Your comments on the redesign are welcome, of course, and let me know if you find broken links or display issues.

folks before you had this to say:

  1. Chris

    Love the redesign! Really nice job. To say you are a genius would be redundant here but you always have been.

  2. Auntie grams

    I think you’re a genius because you married my niece! WHERE’S THE BABY????

  3. Bunker

    It’s about time! I’ve redone mine about thirty times since you worked on yours.

    Nice, clean, sharp–just what I would expect from a professional.

    Golf this weekend?

  4. Granny Annie

    Very cool!! I think you’re a genius too and the best son-in-law, soon-to-be Dad, on the face of the planet!

  5. CJL

    Wow! I’m impressed! I personally think you’re a genius.

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