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what do you make of this?

Received via IM from my buddy Dave this morning: so, i lost my wallet LAST SUMMER in the adirondacks. a state trooper from up there woke me with a phone call at 6 am to say it was in an envelope that was tossed anonymously to the front door of the police station THIS MORNING. […]

feeling charitable?

This summer, my college buddy Philip Haar will be riding his bike cross-country alongside his father to raise money for cancer research in honor of a family friend: The scourge of cancer either has or soon will touch everyone’s life in a very personal way. We hope that by establishing the James D. Popp Student […]

hello, point-oh

Peter Imbres is now blogging. The world is a better place.

support me in the Race for the Cure, yo

OK, I realize this makes two posts in a row that involve breasts, but this one’s far less controversial… On November 4th, I’ll be running my fourth consecutive Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, probably the biggest breast cancer awareness & fundraising event in the country. This year is especially meaningful for me because […]

so much news, so little time to blog it

Life is busy; life is good. Here are a few recent/current things I just have to document: Cheris is about 17 weeks now with the next kiddo, and is feeling much better. She looks fantastic too; must post pics soon. We had a really great recent visit from my mom. Cheris blogged about that, plus […]

pimpin’ my peeps

A couple of my colleagues at the Hoov have side projects they’ve worked up on evenings and weekends, and I thought both of these were well worth sharing with the folks I know. Not long ago, Sharon and her husband launched BargainJack: “21 Deals Daily… Everyone Wins.” The concept is pretty simple: “Jack” finds the […]