what do you make of this?

Received via IM from my buddy Dave this morning:

so, i lost my wallet LAST SUMMER in the adirondacks. a state trooper from up there woke me with a phone call at 6 am to say it was in an envelope that was tossed anonymously to the front door of the police station THIS MORNING. although soaked, the wallet still had $53 in it. To make it a real head scratcher, i was sure there was at least $80 to $100 in there when i lost it. who steals half the money?

Can anyone explain? I’m not in the mood to figure out what is going on with humanity this morning.

folks before you had this to say:

  1. Tim

    Wow, what a question. Maybe the finder needed the money semi-urgently — e.g. to fill up a car running on empty, for food, etc. — but wanted to return as much as possible?

    Weird, yeah.

  2. Peter I.

    Maybe they deducted expenses for the return of the wallet. Postage, the envelope and gas to the State Trooper office? Perfectly reasonable.

  3. Andy

    Kinda like what happened to my golf clubs in West Virginia. Someone broke into the car and stole the 1, 7, and 9 irons along with the bag. The rest of the clubs were left alone. Strange place, that West Virginny…

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