posts from September 2004

20 weeks and counting

We’ve reached the halfway point in the pregnancy. Today we went in for a prenatal visit and spent about 15 minutes looking at the ultrasound. The little guy or gal (we don’t know, and don’t want to know until it gets here — a boy or a girl is fine) was pretty active during our […]

go to hell, Zell

I’ve gotta admit, Zell is a really, really cool name. However, Zell Miller is just another shady, slimy, screw-’em-and-smile politician. Mike Rundle illutrates that quite nicely with his post; thanks, Mike. Maybe Miller felt the need to contradict himself so thoroughly because of some personal feud with Kerry that’s come up in the last few […]

one for the highlight reel

Sent this by e-mail to Bunker earlier but decided it might as well be posted too: Went out to play a cheap 9-hole sunset round last night at Hancock after work yesterday. I’m hacking away as usual for most of the round but having fun with a pretty cool foursome of straggler singles like me. […]