go to hell, Zell

I’ve gotta admit, Zell is a really, really cool name.

However, Zell Miller is just another shady, slimy, screw-’em-and-smile politician. Mike Rundle illutrates that quite nicely with his post; thanks, Mike.

Maybe Miller felt the need to contradict himself so thoroughly because of some personal feud with Kerry that’s come up in the last few year. Who knows, maybe Kerry did something really nasty to deserve that kind of backstabbing. But it’s all on the record now, Zell, and every voter in your state should know that they can no longer believe anything you ever say again, for the rest of your shady, slimy, screw-’em-and-smile piece-of-crap politician life.

Flip-flopping: 100% bipartisan.

Hell yeah, it feels good to just let loose and absolutely rant once in a while.

folks before you had this to say:

  1. Kerr Mudgeon

    Miller is merely the only conservative "Democrat" who, for whatever reason, hasn’t switched parties yet. Yes, it was a despicable hatchet job. I haven’t kept up, but I’d guess either he’s getting ready to retire or to switch parties. His one saving grace is that he’s a bluegrass fan. Go figure!

  2. Mike

    Concur. McCain-Feingold obviously didn’t get it done.

  3. Rob

    The point isn’t that there’s something wrong with Miller, it’s that there’s something wrong with all these politicians. This episode with Miller just neatly illustrates how these guys will say or do anything to obtain their immediate objectives, truth be damned. Standard fund-raising fare? Well, then it’s time to change the standards.

  4. Mike

    I don’t think you can accuse him of flip-flopping on this one. Three years ago he had known Kerry for a year. As a Former Marine, I would guess he gave him credit for having the medals he received.

    Since then, Miller has been a strong advocate of Bush’s approach to fighing terrorism. I can give a man his due in changing his perspective after 9/11. It was too great an event to not affect they way people look at things.

    All in all, his introductory speech looks like standard fund-raising fare, probably written by a Kerry Senate staffer.

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