posts from March 2007

hippity, hoppity, Easter’s on its way

Goopymart is an illustrator I’ve been watching (via Flickr) since I saw the killer logo he did for Austin’s own A Boy and His Computer a couple of years ago. He has talent in places that most of us don’t even have places. Here’s an instant classic:

an inevitable parenting story

When you’ve got kids, it’s a given they’ll get sick once in a while. Violet has had quite a few ear infections, and though they make her kind of grumpy and we get a little concerned about the doctors’ willingness to just prescribe antibiotics again and again, they haven’t been all that bad. We feel […]

adios, elbow

So, here’s the deal: “greasy elbow” was originally supposed to be the name of a band I wanted to start. Around 1997. Plans changed. When we got back from Korea in late 2001 and put stakes down in Austin, I was still thinking of it as a possibility for a band name, so I registered […]