adios, elbow

So, here’s the deal: “greasy elbow” was originally supposed to be the name of a band I wanted to start. Around 1997.

Plans changed.

When we got back from Korea in late 2001 and put stakes down in Austin, I was still thinking of it as a possibility for a band name, so I registered the domain. The band that I wound up forming in 2002 voted on a different name, so I just went ahead and started setting up all of our Korea pages on the domain. Then I found myself more and more interested in web development, so soon the elbow had become a more full-fledged “personal site,” and then by summer of 2003 I went ahead and started a blog there as well.

Life has been a little too busy for regular blogging lately (hmmm, my last post was over two months ago, and even that was just circulating a goofy YouTube video), but it occurred to me that maybe I’d grown a little tired of the domain name and it was contributing to my waning interest in blogging.

That was the impetus to go ahead and register a few weeks ago, and a little bit of behind-the-scenes work since then has led to the relaunch that I’m communicating now. To sum up:

  • My own blog has moved to, and it’s sporting a brand new design (based on this photo). I’ve set up redirects from, so all old blog post links should flow over seamlessly to the new domain and design (thank you, mod_rewrite). If you have a link to me on your site, it should still work, but when you get around to it I’d appreciate it if you’d remove any printed references to “greasy elbow” and point to the new URL instead.
  • Cheris’ blog, “Hi, Idea,” now lives at, and redirects from should be working fine as well.
  • The non-blog pages at have been redesigned (or, maybe better put, “undesigned”) into a very simple, streamlined home base for the family: that’s

I’m going to keep registered for a year or so, at least until Google has reindexed the blogs and the Korea content on the new domain, but if you know anyone who’d pay me tens of thousands of dollars for it, do let me know.

I’m not making any guarantees that I’ll blog more now that I have new online place to do it, but I also have a new physical place to do it… Tonight I moved my computers out of the home office the next kiddo’s bedroom and into the dining room, so I can listen to Simpsons and Scrubs reruns late in the evening while I peck away at the keyboard…

A guy could get used to that.

folks before you had this to say:

  1. Justin

    Me like. Nice work, Mr. Lifford.

  2. Jon

    There is a typo in the link below… “coments”. Nice redesign.

    I changed the link on my blog.

  3. L Santa

    Now I have to go all the way over to to read your blog? The old URL was right on my way home.

  4. Rob

    Thanks Justin, triple thanks Jon (compliment/link change/QA analysis), and as for you, Santa: it’s worth the trip, there’s a couple great homemade beef jerky farm stands and stuff along the route.

  5. JRB

    Looks good!

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