posts from September 2003

Austin City Limits Festival Report

Friday was sunny and beautiful with good vibes abounding as we made our way around the various stages and checked out a huge variety of music. Highlights of the day were Martin Sexton’s wide-ranging, vocally creative solo set and, to our great surprise, Dwight Yoakam’s headlining slot. Never a big fan of Dwight’s brand of […]

here we come, Zilker…

ACL Festival starts today!

from the Nimbus 2000 to… the sand wedge

Finished Goblet of Fire a few days ago. A big fat bravo to J.K. Rowling; what an imagination that lady has. Can’t wait to read book five. Now, in a shocking change of pace, I’ve moved on to Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible. “Thou shalt not neglect thy wedges, chips, and bunker shots,” I suppose.

solemn anniversary

There’s nothing much I can say about September 11th that hasn’t been said already, so let’s just leave it at this: I count myself very fortunate not to have lost any loved ones, friends, or even casual acquaintances two years ago today, and I feel bottomless compassion for all those who did. It seems impossible […]

golf, Ty, house, Harry

My recently-rekindled interest in (OK, “obsession with”) golf continues to grow unabated despite a truly awful round on Austin’s Jimmy Clay municipal course this morning. I was out on the driving range Thursday night with my buddies Kyle and Emil, and Emil’s mini-swing-clinic had me hitting the ball like I never thought possible. My confidence […]

ask me about the great Labor Day poem from “Garfield”

Well, Labor Day weekend is drawing to a close. Saw 28 Days Later…, went to a great party, played some golf with a really nice Australian couple, and finally got our wedding pictures online.