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when Scott asks, I’m inclined to help

So, there’s a Dilbert Widget soon to be unleashed on the Interwebs. Scott Adams asked us computer drones to test it out a little before its wider release, so here we go to see if the embed code works in a WP post: Could someone tell me if this works fine in IE so I […]

transition time

I’ve just concluded a really amazing three-and-a-half-year phase of my life. When I blogged about starting my job at Hoover’s in June 2004, I really had no idea just how much I’d learn and how many amazing professional and personal relationships I’d develop. Change is the only true constant in life, however, so tonight I’m […]

Blue Beanie Day, 2007

At the last minute, I can’t resist participating. Thanks very much, Jeffrey; your work continues to inspire me and many others, though I’m still a little miffed I can’t go back and reread Mr. Jenkins’ Last Martini any time I want.

support me in the Race for the Cure, yo

OK, I realize this makes two posts in a row that involve breasts, but this one’s far less controversial… On November 4th, I’ll be running my fourth consecutive Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, probably the biggest breast cancer awareness & fundraising event in the country. This year is especially meaningful for me because […]

so much news, so little time to blog it

Life is busy; life is good. Here are a few recent/current things I just have to document: Cheris is about 17 weeks now with the next kiddo, and is feeling much better. She looks fantastic too; must post pics soon. We had a really great recent visit from my mom. Cheris blogged about that, plus […]

bowled them over!

My bowling team met its fund-raising goal and won the bet we’d made with The Ball Busters, another team from around the office. I rolled a 113 the first game and a 115 the second — pretty consistent, right? Thanks again to those of you who donated!