so much news, so little time to blog it

Life is busy; life is good. Here are a few recent/current things I just have to document:

  • Cheris is about 17 weeks now with the next kiddo, and is feeling much better. She looks fantastic too; must post pics soon.
  • We had a really great recent visit from my mom. Cheris blogged about that, plus the beginnings of Violet’s language explosion a few days ago. This is an amazing time. I have one thing to add to Cheris’ post. Usually, when Violet wakes up, she babbles or sings bits and pieces of “Old MacDonald’s Farm” until we come get her. On Monday morning, she woke up and started hollering “Moooorning! Moooorning!” Neither of us had ever heard her use that word before. That’s freaky.
  • Toddler Halloween parties are really, really fun. Head-exploding cuteness everywhere.
  • Colleague and friend Jon has scored a job with the mighty Google — woohoo! All of us in his department at the Hoov are glad for him, but we’ll certainly be sad to see him go. The silver lining on this cloud, for me at least, is the opportunity to help further the great work Jon has done at Hoover’s: In the weeks ahead, my role will change from web producer to interface designer, and I am extremely excited about the change of pace and the new challenges that will come with this.
  • Last month, I participated for the third time in the annual Accessibility Internet Rally – Austin, a contest that matches web development teams with local nonprofit organizations. The challenge: build a website for the nonprofit that is not only attractive and useful but also highly accessible to web users with disabilities — and build the whole site in just one business day. This year I served as captain of the team from Hoover’s Design Center, and we had the pleasure of working with the Lone Star Paralysis Foundation on their new site. I am overwhelmingly proud to report that this year we won the competition in its “Stock Car” category. To my outstanding teammates Anthony, Jenny, Mimi, and Sarah: you guys kick so much ass, it’s absolutely ridiculous. Thanks.

folks before you had this to say:

  1. Cheris

    Yay! I’m so proud. Don’t forget the Series of Unfortunate Events haiku contest.

  2. Apa

    You rock Rob! Techno geek do-gooder. Yikes!
    You’ll do well in your new capacity at the Hoov. Good luck!

  3. Justino

    No wonder I haven’t seen much of you lately. Congrats on your coolness and achievements!

    You know anything about making sites JAWS compliant. Our company could probably use some consulting in that area as there is an initiative to make our sites more compliant.

    Also, if you ever need a SQL developer at Hoovers, you know who to call ;)

  4. Rob

    Thanks John & Justin. Yeah, Justin, how well the site does in JAWS is one of the major judging criteria for AIR-Austin. Let’s talk sometime this weekend; it’s been WAY too long.

  5. Mom and Dad L

    Congratulations son. You always make us proud, win lose or honorable mention.
    Great to hear you are interested in programming. I always loved programming in Fortran and was wondering if it is the same. I would think it is the development of the logic that would be common no matter what language. Fill me in on it when you get a chance.

  6. Mom and Dad L

    Son, I’m echoing Dad’s comment and adding my congratulations on your new position and your big win. You’ve always been a winner (in every way)in my book!
    proud Mom

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