posts from November 2003

now THAT’s better

First of all, I’m feeling relaxed here at home after our return last night from really cool, if too-brief, trip to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Thanks a million to Diana and Kristy, and everybody we met or hung out with, for everything. Now, I just can’t contain my glee that that bastard Chris Danze (from […]

the newest person we hate

…is Mr. Chris Danze, who recently brought construction to a halt on a Planned Parenthood clinic here in Austin by pressuring contractors to give up the project because the clinic would provide abortions. If you think he did it by convincing the contractors with carefully reasoned arguments and an honest, straightforward approach, think again. The […]

mmmm… soylent

From Cannibal hopes his memoirs will deter others, the Independent Online: He is also accused of ‘disturbing the peace of the dead’ for butchering the corpse. Technically, cannibalism itself is not illegal under German law. So, if you’re in Germany, and you find a corpse, and it’s already butchered, dig in!

give it up already

Well, as a result of last night’s terrific show (see yesterday’s post), I’ve remembered once again that music is of the moment… it’s not worth it waiting around for some old thing to come back together; it’s about what’s happening right now. So, despite this recent post: …my boundless urge to tinker with websites has […]

just like old times

I water-skied today. Yeah, it’s late November, but the weather’s been beautiful all week and Mike realized it was probably our last chance for 2003, so he and Shannon hauled me out to Decker Lake in east Austin and we had a go. It was really windy, so the water was ludicrously rough. I managed […]


News from Fort Worth tonight: Texas Man Chokes to Death on Marijuana. No doubt we’ll be seeing him in the Darwin Awards.