the newest person we hate

…is Mr. Chris Danze, who recently brought construction to a halt on a Planned Parenthood clinic here in Austin by pressuring contractors to give up the project because the clinic would provide abortions.

If you think he did it by convincing the contractors with carefully reasoned arguments and an honest, straightforward approach, think again.

The son of a bitch did it by circulating their home phone numbers to anti-abortion zealots around the nation. People from every state bombarded these contractors with phone calls (one of them got over 1,000 calls), plus faxes and letters containing aborted fetus pictures.

Mr. Danze? If you have time to organize this kind of large-scale invasion of privacy and harassment, I think you’re probably not spending enough time at home with the 15 kids you’ve adopted. What?!? Well, how many adopted children do you have?

Yeah, I thought so. Bastard.

I strongly suspect your God would concede to me that unwanted children are better off with Him, Mr. Danze. I also suspect that He disdains your cheap Mafioso tactics.

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