posts from June 2004

Ronald + Osama

After writing recently about my difficult-to-suppress desire to overthrow rogue governments from within, my Kiwi buddy and former co-worker Julian pointed out this article: Reagan’s Osama Connection – How he turned a jihadist into a terrorist kingpin. After a quick review of the situation—the Reagan administration funneled billions to Afghanistan’s Islamic resistance to the Soviets—the […]


The Onion’s Helpful Guide to Celebrity Weblogs. Oh, please let them make this a regular feature. Hilarious.

new job

Big news: today I started a new full-time gig as a web producer with Hoover’s (no, not the vacuum cleaner manufacturer). Nearly 10 years after I first started messing with web design, my interest in the field (which turned into more of an obsession after I discovered the web standards movement) has led to an […]

bought some stamps, sold my soul?

Click on the image (or, uh, here) and take a look at the price on this book of stamps. All I wanted was to mail some letters, and now it looks like I’m damned to hellfire for all eternity. Great.

he’s embiggened us with his cromulent performance

Spotted this about two minutes after publishing the previous post. Scary.

Homer, Ronald, the war

It seems The Simpsons has become like a drug to me. I actually felt a twinge of anxiety when I saw that tonight’s 6 p.m. re-run was being pre-empted by services for the late Ronald Wilson Reagan. No, it doesn’t make me particularly proud to think that my dependence on a cartoon momentarily overshadowed the […]