new job

Big news: today I started a new full-time gig as a web producer with Hoover’s (no, not the vacuum cleaner manufacturer). Nearly 10 years after I first started messing with web design, my interest in the field (which turned into more of an obsession after I discovered the web standards movement) has led to an exhilirating new career opportunity. I can’t wait to see where this takes me.

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  1. trippy automobile

    Congrats Rob! Best of luck! If anyone asks you if its the vacuum company, just tell them that its HOOVERS and it sucks much less.

  2. Spider Boogie

    Good luck, Rob. Don’t forget about us little people.

  3. Bunker

    First thing you need to do is fix up their web site!

    Congrats. Y gracias por la carta.

  4. transition time » Rob Lifford's blog

    […] just concluded a really amazing three-and-a-half-year phase of my life. When I blogged about starting my job at Hoover’s in June 2004, I really had no idea just how much I’d learn and how many amazing professional […]

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