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Tony vs. Paul

This is the sort of treasure you find on YouTube now and again: awesome DIY projects by guys with boundless creativity (and seemingly limitless time on their hands). I’m so grateful for YouTube and Google Video. We don’t have cable, and most of the stuff on network TV is crap, but a body still needs […]

HOW long?!?

Um, it’s really almost two months since I last posted here? Yikes. A few things I feel obliged to point out: probably the funniest picture that will ever be taken of Bella and Violet pics of our new vehicle Cheris has already pointed this out, but our friends have really been saviors lately: Emil helped […]

staggeringly awesome solo guitar performance of The Simpsons theme

Thanks to the juicy goodness of YouTube, I’m thrilled to share with you this astounding performance of a timeless Danny Elfman composition: Someone needs to give this guy a medal, a hug, and a frosty chocolate milkshake. Update: my buddy Karl reminded me that as long as I’m posting so much Simpsons stuff lately, I […]

the movie chain

Bunker obliged me with the musical baton meme I passed him recently, and now he’s hit me back with a movie chain. Fair enough! Total number of films I own on DVD/video: Less than 20, all of them gifts or hand-me-downs. Never been big on owning films. The last film I bought: See above. I […]

damn straight

I reject that whole point of view — that animation is a children’s medium. The way people talk about it is, well, hey, it’s a good thing I have kids, because now I get to see this. Well, hey, no, man! You can just go and see it. There’s no other art form that is […]

Christopher Reeve, 1952 – 2004

Goodbye, Superman.