my music projects & recordings

I write tons of songs in the newgrass  / jazzgrass / progressive-acoustic genre(s), and in September 2012 I released the first album of my own material, Helium Taxi. My typical objective with these tunes is to bring out dynamic, expressive performances from great improvisers.

Here are some of the songs from the album, as well as some others, being performed at a random Austin farmers’ market gig in January 2012 with most of the guys who eventually played on Helium Taxi. (Oh, and here’s one video of another track that isn’t in the set at that previous link.)

These days most of my music performance and rehearsal time is spent playing mandolin with Out of the Blue, a mostly-bluegrass trio that has been gigging around the Austin area on and off for over five years.

I also have been known to make all kinds of nutty noises in garages and backyards with two electric bands, South Texas Barking Spiders, which we sometimes call a blues-grass band, and, more recently, Pappy Hour, a collective of dads dedicated to making their kids’ birthday parties a little more entertaining for themselves as well as the kids.

When I can find the time, I love to mess around with home recording and here are some recent results:

RL, 2012.09.10