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HOW long?!?

Um, it’s really almost two months since I last posted here? Yikes. A few things I feel obliged to point out: probably the funniest picture that will ever be taken of Bella and Violet pics of our new vehicle Cheris has already pointed this out, but our friends have really been saviors lately: Emil helped […]

table and chairs to go

I love the mealbox. Besides being a beautful little piece of industrial design, there’s just something very appealing to me about the hyper-literal product description; I think it’s just something about the way Norwegians write in English: Japanese-style dining-table with chairs that can all be packed in a box. Yep, it sure can.

buy stuff

We had a garage sale last weekend. It was really nice to cut back on clutter and acquire some cash in the process, but our garage was such a densely-packed maze of stuff before we started setting things out on the driveway that we actually forgot to set out a few items that we’d planned […]

two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen, infinite insanity

When I was around, oh, 11 years old I guess, my family took a trip to Niagara Falls. I will never, ever forget what my dad uttered the moment we all laid eyes on the star attraction of that famous tourist and honeymooners’ town: “Holy SHIT, a lotta water!” Pardon his French, but he was […]

stones from the sky

We got some hail last Saturday here in South Austin; the stones were around the size of a superball — you know, those little super-bouncy deals you get for a quarter out of the grocery store gumball machines. Check out some fairly crappy video I shot (bear with me; I just got the camcorder and […]

bigger in Texas

About an hour ago, I saw a possum in my yard the size of a bear cub. Last week there was a grasshopper on our window the size of a baseball bat. And every night for the last few months, a spider the size of a 1972 Chevy Nova has come out to sit on […]