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hail, hail

On Monday afternoon, I got an e-mail at the office from my lovely wife. Subject line: oh my god! Message: We’re getting golf-ball sized hail here! At my office downtown (six and a half miles away) I was looking out the window at clear, sunny skies. I figured a little bit of hail could be […]


Been away from the blog for awhile, but the past few weeks have been productive. Among other things, I’ve… Laid out my travel plans for CK’s wedding in Rhode Island next month; painted our shutters a nice burgundy color to replace the hideous baby blue that they were; helped the brother-in-law to move into a […]

golf, Ty, house, Harry

My recently-rekindled interest in (OK, “obsession with”) golf continues to grow unabated despite a truly awful round on Austin’s Jimmy Clay municipal course this morning. I was out on the driving range Thursday night with my buddies Kyle and Emil, and Emil’s mini-swing-clinic had me hitting the ball like I never thought possible. My confidence […]

shim it baby + gardening

Spent the entire weekend hanging a new exterior door on the back of our house. Carpenters we ain’t. Still, the finished result looks great despite all the sobbing and gnashing of teeth that went on. Photos to come. I’m hoping to make a little free time this week to build my own contribution the awesome […]

ranto numero uno

I think that last post qualifies as a rant. Dang, I’m proud to have my first rant on my blog. I’m all freakin’ choked up. Not much to say today except WOO HOO, the house is coming together nicely. Thanks Ann & Mike.