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hello, point-oh

Peter Imbres is now blogging. The world is a better place.


Bunker needled me a little on the phone earlier for never writing anything here anymore… I just can’t believe how fast the days are flying by since I started my new job and, of course, since we learned of the pregnancy. Life is certainly hectic but happy in the extreme. Someday soon I’ll sit down […]

8 minutes in the life of a total dweeb

Here’s how I’ve spent (some of) my time this evening: 8:49 pm Going through a pile of stuff on my desk, notice a note that I jotted down in the Portland airport last Monday. It was the title and author of a book I spotted in the airport bookstore that I knew I had to […]

why things break

I’ve contributed a guest post on Bunker Mulligan. It’s a book report. [update: link removed; destination has vanished]

from the Nimbus 2000 to… the sand wedge

Finished Goblet of Fire a few days ago. A big fat bravo to J.K. Rowling; what an imagination that lady has. Can’t wait to read book five. Now, in a shocking change of pace, I’ve moved on to Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible. “Thou shalt not neglect thy wedges, chips, and bunker shots,” I suppose.

golf, Ty, house, Harry

My recently-rekindled interest in (OK, “obsession with”) golf continues to grow unabated despite a truly awful round on Austin’s Jimmy Clay municipal course this morning. I was out on the driving range Thursday night with my buddies Kyle and Emil, and Emil’s mini-swing-clinic had me hitting the ball like I never thought possible. My confidence […]