8 minutes in the life of a total dweeb

Here’s how I’ve spent (some of) my time this evening:

8:49 pm
Going through a pile of stuff on my desk, notice a note that I jotted down in the Portland airport last Monday. It was the title and author of a book I spotted in the airport bookstore that I knew I had to read someday: Word Freak: Heartbreak, Triumph, Genius, and Obsession in the World of Competitive Scrabble Players. Wonder to myself if they have it at the Austin public library.
8:51 pm
The Austin Public Library website confirms that they do indeed have the book, and it’s available at the branch a quarter-mile from my house — yes! thanks, Tim! — but the branch closes at 9 o’clock.
8:52 pm
Heavy contemplation.
8:53 pm
Into the car and down the street…
8:55 pm
Walk into library.
8:55 pm and 18 seconds
Book in hand — thanks, Melvil!
8:57 pm
Through the checkout line; walking out of library to head back home.

OK, now that I have a commenting system, throngs of readers, tell me how YOU spent 8 minutes of today:

folks before you had this to say:

  1. Rob

    Mmmmmmm, sleeeeeeep… I remember sleep.

  2. Ryland

    March 14, 2004. Austin, TX.

    10:27am: Sleeping.

    10:35am: Turned over. Continued sleeping.

  3. Boogie

    March 10, 2004. Austin, TX.

    4:02 am – Alarm on wrist watch goes off.

    4:03 am – Still in bed.

    4:04 am – Stumble down stairs toward truck.

    4:05 am – Start truck to drive back to Houston.

    4:07 am – Drive across the street to Krispy Kreme Donuts for coffee. Flashback – I called Krispy Kreme the night before to see if they would be serving their unique blend of hot, fresh, coffee at 4:00 am. “Yes” they replied. Satisfied, I hung up and we continued drinking beer. The coffee would be there for me. Like a strip-center Jesus.

    4:08 am – Eyes puffy, bed head, I place the order. “Can I have a large, bold coffee? And two Original Glazed doughnuts, please, thank you.”

    4:08 and 4 seconds am –
    “I’m sorry sir. Our coffee maker is on the fritz. Can I offer you a smooth?”
    I blink. “A what?”
    He hands me something cold and nearly clear to drink.

    “Is this water?”

    I pull onto the highway, still asleep.

    4:10 am – I am driving around, eating my doughnuts, trying to find my savior.

  4. Rob

    Huh? Put down the crack pipe, Luscious, we love you!

  5. Luscious Santa

    Ok, I take that back. This is way cooler. I’ll shut up now.

  6. Luscious Santa

    What I want to know is…why isn’t your comment section as slick as Bunker’s? I can’t even read other people’s witty remarks! I demand a ful refund!

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