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in which I get angsty about Violet learning to ski

Violet is learning to ski today at the Sierra Nevada resort right outside Granada. Her school has an amazing trip for the 5th grade every year: 200€ covers the lift tickets, bus transportation (it’s about 1hr from town), equipment rental, and instruction, for the whole school week. I think they even did a fund-raiser so […]

V’s birthday party

Today we threw a little party for Violet’s 5th birthday, and I just had to post our thanks and a big recommendation to Brittany at Parties by design, LLC. It was a truly wonderful day for Violet, and having a party planner come in with decorations, props, etc. made the whole day so much easier […]

my daughter, my hero

We’ll catch them and put them in jail! But first we’ll tie them up with rope and squirt glue on them! That’s what Violet said about the lowlife SOBs who broke my car window last night to steal a crate of CDs that were on their way to the rummage sale to benefit Ike and […]

my quotable daughter

Violet, age 3½, said this tonight: We’re still laughing at this one two hours later.

when too busy to blog…

…at least make a few minutes to give kid pics the old LOLcat treatment.

just making sure my blog was still here

Whoops, over two months now without a post. And too sleepy right now to actually write one. Cheris has been great about putting new photos online, though, so go look at the photos from our recent vacation if you need something to do. Or just check out all the latest pictures.