my daughter, my hero

We’ll catch them and put them in jail! But first we’ll tie them up with rope and squirt glue on them!

That’s what Violet said about the lowlife SOBs who broke my car window last night to steal a crate of CDs that were on their way to the rummage sale to benefit Ike and family.

I’m so proud of her instinct for good old fashioned vigilante justice.

folks before you had this to say:

  1. michael

    Right now my daughter is just getting her head around “no” and “Da-da” but I can only hope she has the good sense to recognize a good jail/rope/glue opportunity when she’s older.

  2. Elizabeth

    Can we sprinkle glitter in the glue, too? I’m guessing the guys who took them might find that totally torturous.

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