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adios, elbow

So, here’s the deal: “greasy elbow” was originally supposed to be the name of a band I wanted to start. Around 1997. Plans changed. When we got back from Korea in late 2001 and put stakes down in Austin, I was still thinking of it as a possibility for a band name, so I registered […]

introducting: the cheris blog

Yep. They said it would never happen. Even she said it would never happen. It’s happened. Cool.

what’s the deal?

Hmmm, the blog seems to have disappered but the admin area still works. Yesterday I ran Dreamhost’s one-click upgrade from WordPress 2.0 to 2.0.1 and it seemed to work fine, but I haven’t done anything else with the blog between then and now and it’s pretty hosed. Oh, well. Our staff of trained monkeys is […]

why DreamHost rocks

If you’d asked me yesterday what I think of my web hosting company, I’d have told you I was satisfied with the pricing and the service. Ask me tomorrow and I’ll tell you I’m proud to be their customer. Here’s why: …if your billing address in our system was in a zip code affected by […]

like, totally random

Finally decided out what to do with the homepage of the site.

relaunched. again.

Well, moving to a new system was too much temptation: I had to redesign as well. I still haven’t decided what the front page is going to be, and I still need to assign categories to most of the blog posts and redirect old some URLs & the old feed, but the blog now lives […]