posts from October 2007

hello, point-oh

Peter Imbres is now blogging. The world is a better place.

who cares if it’s usable? it’s for business.

Khoi Vinh wrote a great post a few days ago about the state of interface design in enterprise software. This line had me rolling: It’s just perfect that Lotus Notes, an application whose awkward integration of multiple feature sets I’ve only ever heard spoken about with violent disgust, promotes itself as freakish software. Yes, yes, […]

support me in the Race for the Cure, yo

OK, I realize this makes two posts in a row that involve breasts, but this one’s far less controversial… On November 4th, I’ll be running my fourth consecutive Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, probably the biggest breast cancer awareness & fundraising event in the country. This year is especially meaningful for me because […]