posts from February 2004

separated at birth?

In today’s political news: Schwarzenegger: I’ll get what I want in D.C. because I’m ‘like a tick’ (San Diego Union-Tribune) Hmmmm… I never noticed that before; the resemblance IS there… Nice pectorals, gentlemen. Still, I know which one of you I’d rather have governing MY state, and I salute you right back. Crazy mad thanks […]

Freaky Friday

I’m about to go to bed, and just realized it’s Friday the 13th. All through my adolescence, I used to eagerly anticipate these days when they rolled around. There’s just something fun in trying to sell yourself on completely illogical superstitions: I would imagine what kind of weird things might happen, or try to interpret […]

the other kind of golf

Well, it took a while, but I’m finally hip to a big Austin pastime: disc golf. It takes less time to play a round than real golf, it costs next to nothing, and it’s much easier to bring in a score that doesn’t make you absolutely furious. There are plenty of places to play around […]