separated at birth?

In today’s political news: Schwarzenegger: I’ll get what I want in D.C. because I’m ‘like a tick’ (San Diego Union-Tribune)

Hmmmm… I never noticed that before; the resemblance IS there…

Arnold & the Tick: separated at birth?

Nice pectorals, gentlemen. Still, I know which one of you I’d rather have governing MY state, and I salute you right back.

Crazy mad thanks to Adam Hastings for use of the Tick pic.

folks before you had this to say:

  1. Oliver Sudden

    Which one is Siegfred and which one is Roy?

    How about a match between Ahnold and Jesse Ventura?

    Winner goes up against Tom ("the Exterminator") DeLay.

  2. alyssa

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW he’s GROSS, those are nasty

  3. Rob

    just a test to see if this sucker’s working

  4. andy

    its quite impressive he can go from amazind body builder to state governer, and the thing is, all u people saying u dnt like him, well he got VOTED in

  5. Rob

    Stellar logic, Andy. If he got elected, he must be the best man for the job. Absolutely stellar logic.

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