fight back (with me)

OK, I have awful insomnia, so I decided to at least be productive. I’ve been messing around under the hood of this site and now we’re testing out a commenting system: a nice-looking, somewhat customizable, and (best of all) free option called BlogBack. Let’s see how it goes.

folks before you had this to say:

  1. Rob

    The "http://" prefix is required.

    Thank you for contacting Greasy Elbow technical support, recently outsourced to India to serve you better, er, I mean, save us money.

  2. Bunker

    So, I can finally bust your chops over here!

    This is really pretty cool. I like how the preview is real-time.

    I can even preview hypertext links!

    It just doesn’t like the Webpage address I put in.

  3. Rob

    so easy to criticize; so hard to CREATE!


  4. Luscious

    Worst feedback section ever.

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