posts from July 2003

gardening pt. II

Well, I managed to create enough free time to build my own CSS Zen Garden entry. I don’t think it can make it into the “official” gallery because the layout breaks terribly at 150% text zoom in Mozilla, but I’ve worked too long on it to tweak it any further… Basically, at 1024×768 resolution and […]

shim it baby + gardening

Spent the entire weekend hanging a new exterior door on the back of our house. Carpenters we ain’t. Still, the finished result looks great despite all the sobbing and gnashing of teeth that went on. Photos to come. I’m hoping to make a little free time this week to build my own contribution the awesome […]

pitching in

This week, Hurricane Claudette blew in from the gulf and hit the Texas coastline. And with that, I’ve been working like a beaver on crack. Besides a busy freelance schedule and my usual time at FGI, I’ve been pulling evening shifts for the last three days as a Public Information Reservist for the state Division […]

more on the muzak tip

Good weekend so far… did the Ty Hager gig at the Hideout last night as a duo instead of a full band, which lent a good opportunity to work carefully on vocal harmonies. Man, it’s fun to sing sometimes. Other times it’s mortifying. Anyway, I had another gig, this time with Lazy Fingers, this morning […]

i’ll take my band sunny-side up… no, make that scrambled

The Central Texas Bluegrass Association had its annual band scramble at Artz Rib House tonight. Check that link if you don’t know what a “band scramble” is. I wound up in a band that we called the Cliche Mountain Boys and got to play with a truly phenomenal banjo picker, Rolf Sieker from the Sieker […]

ranto numero uno

I think that last post qualifies as a rant. Dang, I’m proud to have my first rant on my blog. I’m all freakin’ choked up. Not much to say today except WOO HOO, the house is coming together nicely. Thanks Ann & Mike.