more on the muzak tip

Good weekend so far… did the Ty Hager gig at the Hideout last night as a duo instead of a full band, which lent a good opportunity to work carefully on vocal harmonies. Man, it’s fun to sing sometimes. Other times it’s mortifying. Anyway, I had another gig, this time with Lazy Fingers, this morning at the Austin Farmers’ Market. None of us were too excited about playing at 9am, but the crowd was really receptive and the tips were great. I was especially pleased that we busted out two never-played-before Peter Rowan songs, which was appropriate since the former Bluegrass Boy himself will be playing in Austin later tonight.

Sadly, though, that may be my last gig ever with Mike Grigoni, Lazy Fingers’ dobro player since we started gigging back in February. He’s moving back to Seattle, and we’ll (I think I can speak for everybody in the band) miss the hell out of him.

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