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mini-rant on gay marriage debate

It’s been an odd week on Twitter for JavaScript enthusiasts, as folks started forwarding around the fact that JS creator Brendan Eich donated money in support of Prop. 8, California’s gay marriage ban. As one might expect, this generated a whole lot of discussion and debate, with varying levels of civility. I have abstained from […]

more idealistic, impractical ranting

Observing the bloody fray that is U.S. health care reform, Andrew is about as fed up as I am: “the way we write legislation is stupid,” he notes. I couldn’t agree more. And tonight, it seems that the only means I have to make myself feel better about this smoking train wreck that is our […]

the national debt

There are many indicators of a healthy or troubled economy, but I never took economics (stupid, stupid, stupid!) so I’m not in a position to tell you much about them. However, I got curious tonight about one of those indicators, the National Debt, and did some research. Here’s a quick look at what I found […]

bitch goddess Katrina

It’s really bumming me out that the process of overcoming a massive tragedy like Hurricane Katrina and all the associated challenges has so quickly deteriorated into the kind of heated partisan rhetoric that characterizes… well, just about everything these days. Democrats and Republicans alike, nearly everyone holding office right now just looks like a blustering […]

the last word on gay marriage…

…or, at least, the last time I expect to post on the subject, anyway. I’ve finally stumbled across the kind of post that covers most everything I wish I’d found the time and skill to say myself about the issue. Everyone ought to read it. It was written by none other than Eric Meyer, the […]

the culture wars continue…

…and the bad guys are winning big. The bans on gay marriage in Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma and Utah also prohibit any type of legal civil union arrangements for same-sex couples. The people of those eight states have now successfully wiped their collective ass with their states’ constitutions. All over those […]