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the UN’s corporate welfare office

This may be another fine reason for the US to get the hell out of the UN: Why is Iraq giving $190,000 to Toys R Us? Or $321,000 to Colonel Sanders? Disgusting, if it’s true. A number of American companies come off looking pretty awful in the article, and it sounds like they deserve it […]

go to hell, Zell

I’ve gotta admit, Zell is a really, really cool name. However, Zell Miller is just another shady, slimy, screw-’em-and-smile politician. Mike Rundle illutrates that quite nicely with his post; thanks, Mike. Maybe Miller felt the need to contradict himself so thoroughly because of some personal feud with Kerry that’s come up in the last few […]

write me in for president…

…because if elected, I promise America that any blogger who uses the phrase “the party of hate” (to describe the political party opposite his/her own affiliation) will be hog-tied with USB cable and spanked 14,871 times with his own keyboard. That’s one spank for every time I’ve seen that phrase used this year. Enough of […]

Ronald + Osama

After writing recently about my difficult-to-suppress desire to overthrow rogue governments from within, my Kiwi buddy and former co-worker Julian pointed out this article: Reagan’s Osama Connection – How he turned a jihadist into a terrorist kingpin. After a quick review of the situation—the Reagan administration funneled billions to Afghanistan’s Islamic resistance to the Soviets—the […]

Homer, Ronald, the war

It seems The Simpsons has become like a drug to me. I actually felt a twinge of anxiety when I saw that tonight’s 6 p.m. re-run was being pre-empted by services for the late Ronald Wilson Reagan. No, it doesn’t make me particularly proud to think that my dependence on a cartoon momentarily overshadowed the […]

filmmaking & patriotism

Bunker wrote a post this morning linking to this NY Times article about Sony Pictures buying the rights to make a movie out of Richard Clarke’s controversial book Against All Enemies. Bunker states that: This might be the major Democratic effort to unseat Bush in November. I was fascinated by where this whole development could […]