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separated at birth?

In today’s political news: Schwarzenegger: I’ll get what I want in D.C. because I’m ‘like a tick’ (San Diego Union-Tribune) Hmmmm… I never noticed that before; the resemblance IS there… Nice pectorals, gentlemen. Still, I know which one of you I’d rather have governing MY state, and I salute you right back. Crazy mad thanks […]

the Iowa Loss Loop

Weather sucks today; can’t go play golf. Zed sent an mp3 of that Iowa concession speech yesterday. Figured I’d mess around with it.

“the scream”

I was just about to write that for millions of Americans, the title of this post no longer references a classic painting by Edvard Munch, but rather a bizarre and unsettling Howard Dean moment in the 2004 Democratic campaign. But it seems that Reuters already wrote that. And probably a few hundred others. I guess […]

delay the foray into the final frontier

Space exploration is so, so cool. How could anyone deny that? You’ve seen some of this month’s new photos from Mars, right? Simply amazing. However, at this particular time in history, space exploration is… just… oh, you’re gonna hate me for saying this, but screw it… space exploration is simply wrong. What this country needs […]

chasing ambulances (and unattainable nominations)

Just watched 60 Minutes while chomping on Sunday dinner, and the show gave an extended profile to Democratic hopeful John Edwards. Cheris thought he was creepy, but he really didn’t bother me at all… until it came up that one of the “great successes” of his legal career was winning a lawsuit with a settlement […]

Fox News vs. NPR: everybody loses

So, the culture war is on in this country, according to Bill O’Reilly. If Bill’s appearance yesterday on NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross is any indication, the war will be fought with very intense fear and loathing. Brace yourselves; it’s gonna suck.