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new song: Your Sing-a-ma-jigs And You

Just posted another new song over at As I mentioned on Twitter when releasing this, someday I suppose I’ll record “serious” music again, but until then, you’ll get weird stuff like this. Like Cheris and I always say to the kids, “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.” Turning off […]

my daughter, my hero

We’ll catch them and put them in jail! But first we’ll tie them up with rope and squirt glue on them! That’s what Violet said about the lowlife SOBs who broke my car window last night to steal a crate of CDs that were on their way to the rummage sale to benefit Ike and […]

my quotable daughter

Violet, age 3½, said this tonight: We’re still laughing at this one two hours later.

when too busy to blog…

…at least make a few minutes to give kid pics the old LOLcat treatment.

support me in the Race for the Cure, yo

OK, I realize this makes two posts in a row that involve breasts, but this one’s far less controversial… On November 4th, I’ll be running my fourth consecutive Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, probably the biggest breast cancer awareness & fundraising event in the country. This year is especially meaningful for me because […]

guess that baby, volume 2

Cheris has started a thread on her blog where you need to go guess our son’s birth date and time. This time around we’re not bothering to make you guess the weight. Nostalgia enthusiasts can go back and see how well you guessed last time.