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Jerry who?

Kid666 is having some fun with a bizarre comment that showed up on his blog. I received that same comment in my moderation queue (so did quite a few others), so I’m officially jumping on that bandwagon by posting Kid’s banner.

hippity, hoppity, Easter’s on its way

Goopymart is an illustrator I’ve been watching (via Flickr) since I saw the killer logo he did for Austin’s own A Boy and His Computer a couple of years ago. He has talent in places that most of us don’t even have places. Here’s an instant classic:

smartass time!

Here’s what I just emailed to Delta Airlines over the recent insanity: I’ve had my share of less than pleasant experiences with Delta flight attendants, but I’m not prone to blame them for their occasional surliness: they’re working in a difficult industry, for difficult management, and often with difficult customers. The story in the news […]

so much news, so little time to blog it

Life is busy; life is good. Here are a few recent/current things I just have to document: Cheris is about 17 weeks now with the next kiddo, and is feeling much better. She looks fantastic too; must post pics soon. We had a really great recent visit from my mom. Cheris blogged about that, plus […]

HOW long?!?

Um, it’s really almost two months since I last posted here? Yikes. A few things I feel obliged to point out: probably the funniest picture that will ever be taken of Bella and Violet pics of our new vehicle Cheris has already pointed this out, but our friends have really been saviors lately: Emil helped […]

staggeringly awesome solo guitar performance of The Simpsons theme

Thanks to the juicy goodness of YouTube, I’m thrilled to share with you this astounding performance of a timeless Danny Elfman composition: Someone needs to give this guy a medal, a hug, and a frosty chocolate milkshake. Update: my buddy Karl reminded me that as long as I’m posting so much Simpsons stuff lately, I […]